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Okay, this is the last time I’ll mention Skillet, I swear.  But I really wanted to share their latest missive — skillet now has an on-line ordering service!  Looks like you have to get your order in before 9:30 am on the day of pickup, but still, you get to completely bypass the line and recover ~45 minutes of your lunch break.

Additionally, they will be at the F5 building on Elliott again this Friday… so if you work in lower Queen Anne, you should definitely stop by and check it out.


If you’re not part of the Skillet Nation yet, what’s your excuse?  During the past year, the gang in the silver Airstream trailer have battled the inevitable mobile kitchen hiccups and persevered against the keystone cops at the King County Health Department.  They have honed their skills driving from point A to point B, perfected their menu and mastered their calendar.  Completely dedicated to the cause: “impeccably executed and seasonably relevant bistro style food”… on wheels, for the masses.  Hey proletariat! — happy fucking birthday!

Although I’m probably the only one who misses the Ballard location, Fremont isn’t that much further (most thursdays here, you’re welcome).  Otherwise, if you’re quick, you can probably catch them at their other semi-regular haunts in Capitol Hill, South Lake Union and SODO.

If it’s up, eat a lemongrass Pork Sammy with ginger aioli and cilantro cabbage slaw.  Better yet: the 12 hour chile roasted pork tostada with black beans and radishes.  (I’m inclined to say something ridiculously profane about the unholy deliciousness of this particular dish, but will refrain until I get a better sense of the audience for this blog).

The burger is also a fan favorite.  “Kobe stye”, with bacon jam.  That bacon jam may very well be the catalyst for the opening of a take-out window downtown… but you know,… developing…

Like so many other radical culinary undertakings in this town, Skillet strikes me as a kitchen based on love and not pretense.  Seriously, they’ll roll a tarp over your head if it’s raining and you’re waiting.  That’s love.

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